Crx Construction Identifies Top Features and Design Trends In Rehoboth Beach Homes

In the ever-evolving world of home design and decor, we’ve identified the current top trends. These are all pointing toward more comfortable, multi-purpose spaces, incorporation of smart technology, and a rethinking of the home office. Luxury dwelling is striving to be smarter at home. 

Multifunctional Spaces - Remodeling & Repurposing

Luxury homeowners are reimagining their existing spaces such as laundry rooms and bedrooms to increase efficiency and comfort. Seeking ways to allow rooms to function in multiple ways continues in popularity — a spare bedroom that is also a home office space, for example. Another example of a multi-purpose space could be a spare room lined with task areas, accommodating a utility sink and laundry closet, home office and craft table.

Rethinking the Kitchen - Open Layouts & More Space

With families spending more time together at home, the kitchen is even more in focus as the heart of the home. A large percentage of luxury homeowners want a kitchen that functions in a variety of ways: for entertaining, school activities and working from home, along with meal preparation and family dining. Open kitchen layouts that provide more space and visibility, larger kitchen islands and upgraded appliances are emerging as design trends that meet all of the current needs.

The Home Office - Taking on New Meaning

Interiors are beginning to prioritize including quiet spaces, set away from the day-to-day activity of the household, that allow privacy for working. Work-from-home spaces require good lighting, more robust WiFi, and that all-important "Skype space" or "Zoom room" — a wall or nook in a quiet spot designed to provide a nice backdrop for video-conferencing.

Smarter Technology

Requests for "smart" features in luxury homes continue to be on the rise. Technologies such as automatic or motion-sensor lighting, and smartphone-controlled technology are increasingly common. Voice-activated control of appliances and use of touchless devices like shades, faucets and toilets will be even more widespread. 

How do we get started?

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